Green Wednesday Lights Up Thanksgiving Eve

By Angela Underwood

It’s green; and it’s Wednesday.

While Black Friday looms, Green Wednesday finds itself on the eve of the most bountiful day of the year. It’s a good day to kick back and give thanks to your favorite plant before the holiday craziness begins. And wow, does weed have a lot to be thankful for this year.


Considering all that has happened in the last few months, monumental is the best word I can use to describe it. Between the pending passage of the MORE and SAFE Acts, it is just a matter of time before prohibition ends, making Green Wednesday 2019 a very special day.

CBS San Francisco spoke to San Franscico-based dispensary Eaze’s Senior Director of Marketing Sheena Shiravi, who said “Thanksgiving is all about your friends, family coming around the table, giving thanks, and cannabis is the same way.”

“You pass the joint around, it’s a very social, communal thing,” she added.

The California shop, like many others cashing in on Green Wednesday, offers up to a 40% discount site wide for early customers, and even better deals at its Bay Area dispensaries. And the unofficial marijuana shopping day couldn’t come at a better time, with California about to raise cannabis taxes in Jan. Not only is Eaze cutting cannabis costs, they are showing their gratitude to customers with their Win $100 in Eaze Credits Contest as well.  

Additionally, Eaze is offering discounts, contests, and Budsgiving table talk advice for the topic, which will likely come up in living rooms across the country tomorrow. In Nevada, Las Vegas dispensaries are prepared for a sales rush that could begin to rival 4/20 after high turnout the past few years.

Meanwhile, Cheddar offers some Green Wednesday afternoon shopping advice, noting exactly what cannabis consumers should expect when purchasing their holiday pot. Weedmaps’ Nicolas Juarez spoke to Cheddar to discuss the unofficial shopping holiday, saying people have become more comfortable with purchasing cannabis, making standard practices apply.

So basically, the new Black Friday, is Green Wednesday, with Juarez noting the stress-filled holiday enhances peoples want for weed. While Juarez admits some Green Wednesday sales will be gifts to be given, most consumers are purchasing for their own use.

“It’s self-care to handle the holidays,” he said.