Happy New Year From the New York Daily Weed Report

Happy New Year From the New York Daily Weed Report
New York Daily Weed Report

December 31, 2018 – By: Michael Greene

Cannabis is present in all parts of our life. Our brains and nervous systems have built in receptors for it.  It is made up of unknown components and compounds.   Cannabis permeates all.  Business, pleasure, crime, sex, music, art, politics and religion. Cannabis is both good and bad. Everyone knows someone who uses it.  Many people guess, but no one knows for sure what it does to your body. We each only know how it makes us feel.  In this brave new age, research has been growing at an exponential rate.  New uses for cannabis are being discovered almost daily, now that it has become more widely accepted. While some old myths are being debunked, some old legends are being confirmed. It’s an exciting time for sure.

    Cannabis is currently under reported because there aren’t any headlines. Don’t let this fool you. Policy is being made daily that will set the rules for generations to come. The money is being divided up now.  We here at the New York Daily Weed Report are dedicated first and foremost to all news about cannabis. No headlines necessary. The good and the bad, legal and illegal, both fun and worrisome.  

     In 2019 we will bring you the best original reporting on the upcoming legalization fronts. We will post the finest syndicated content, lifestyle information and provide unique entertainment reporting.  We will have dedicated reporting regarding the intersection of cannabis and medicine.  Research about cannabis is  currently forbidden as no licensed doctor can get approved for a study as the FDA forbids it.  We look forward to that change.   

     This is not a place to weaponize or politicize cannabis. Here, at the New York Daily Weed Report, we address what we know about cannabis, and tell you.  Whether it be stock prices, hedge funds, growing methods, music or health related or international news, expect front row reporting.  We of course will follow the legalization of regulated adult use in New York and watch the continuing growth of the Compassionate Care Act and report it to you in real time.  The entrepreneurial spirit which built this country, and was responsible for so much innovation has now taken control of the future of cannabis, at least for time being.  This should be interesting.  People have seem to have forgotten that it grows without us and has for hundreds of thousands of years.    In much of the world as 2019 commences, cannabis is officially prohibited.  It is used by a large portion of earth’s population anyway.  For most people, at their own peril.  In an ever growing majority of the United States it is currently regulated.  Regulation is a step in the right direction.  At least now the generations of prohibition, and its’ effects, can start to be undone.  Cannabis can grow in the sunlight again in the United States.  More and more people can make their own choices about it.  2019 looks promising.