iiiPoints Music Festival — The Unofficial Cannabis Festival

Maya Levy : New York Daily Weed Report

While the upcoming inaugural Kind Festival in Desert Hot Springs, CA is boasting about being the first ever cannabis friendly music festival, iiiPoints music festival in Miami, FL is definitely one step ahead.

I went to iiiPoints Music Festival in Miami, Florida and it was unlike any music festival I’ve been to before.

The festival ran from February 14th – 17th in Miami’s art district at the Wynwood Convention Center. While most outdoor festivals are held on great lawns or beaches, the first unique aspect of this festival was that it was essentially held in a giant parking lot.

Upon entering through the giant, strobe lit, iiiPoints festival triangles, I also took note of the fact that this was the first music festival I’ve been to that was being held at night. The first act took the stage at 5pm with the last act ending at 5am. Once inside festival grounds, I saw a plethora of stages (roughly seven). There was a dj set inside of a roller skating rink, a giant free fall activation sponsored by BLU (you literally jump off of a ledge into a giant cushion 100 feet below), a nail salon, tattoo parlor, three course dinner options and more.

However, out of all of these various attractions, the one that I was the most curious about was the Weed Bus sponsored by Weed Maps. The bus was parked right in front of the S3 stage. Aside from being a regular school bus, it was decked out in insane art with Weed Maps gifting free bandanas and rolling papers upon entry.

What I thought would be a simple Weed Maps promo bus, was an actual festival approved bus where people gathered to smoke weed while watching performances. Inside the bus was mood lighting, pillows, bean bag chairs and a ton of smoke, while outside the bus was a set of bleachers for patrons to use while vibing out to music as well. Stoners were unapologetically lighting up on festival grounds with no one encouraging them to do anything other than relax. When you looked past the bus, you saw local law enforcement standing by giving them a thumbs up.

Weed Map’s Weed Bus wasn’t the only cannabis friendly sponsor at this event, however they were the most enabling when it came to offering places to smoke. Other cannabis friendly sponsors included Trulieve and High Life Medical Centers. Some vendors even offered grinders for purchase.

To say I was alarmed at this prospect would be an understatement. With New York’s recreational cannabis laws underway, one would think the state would be this liberal about smoking weed, but one will still definitely be busted if they try to smoke at a concert or music festival. Because Florida has even stricter laws than New York when it comes to cannabis, I was definitely surprised at the festival’s response to the substance. They didn’t even check my bag for drugs upon entry.

What’s interesting is that while one may assume that this festival was a direct supporter of all things cannabis, on the festival’s website, there’s a long list of prohibited items including drugs and drug paraphernalia.

Suffice to say, iiiPoints festival is forsure the unofficial/official cannabis festival. While the site does not claim to promote the use of cannabis, it’s definitely clear that they enable stoners upon entry. In addition to an amazing lineup, inventive activations, and fun activities, it’s a great festival to attend if you’re 420 friendly. I’ll definitely be back.

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