MJBizCon Ready to Roll Up in Vegas


By Angela Underwood

Jan. 2, 2019, nearly one year ago, Marijuana Business Daily predicted a very big year.

“At this time next year, it is possible we will find ourselves looking back on 2019 as the year the cannabis community cemented its victory at the federal level. In any case, the fight won’t be over, and there will many battles to come. Some states may move slowly, and there will be countries that drag their feet. There are still critical issues that need to be resolved, such as social use, parental rights, and record expungement,” reports the media outlet.

Well they were right.

2019 has turned out to be monumental year in ending prohibition with both the SAFE and MORE Acts sitting on Capitol Hill for consideration, while simultaneously propelling medical marijuana advancements forward.

And if anyone should know the cannabis business it is the media outlet founded in 2011 by Marijuana Business Media, a division of Anne Holland Ventures Inc.  As one of the leading news sources in the industry, the Marijuana Business Daily Conference, MJBIZDaily, gathers annually to discuss the future of pot. This year, the conference in Las Vegas, beginning next week, promises to deliver all necessary cannabis data, including the acts.

“Marijuana Business Daily has covered the SAFE Act and the MORE Act extensively,” Chris Day, MJBIZDaily vice-president of external relations. “Both of these bills directly highlight the willingness at the federal level of giving existing businesses operating in legal states the opportunity to manage their finances in the same way all other business can.”

Day said the Capitol Hill discussions also reflect the desires of the industry as a whole to build an equitable and responsible structure for business to function that address some of the failings of the past while being focused on the opportunities for the future.

Meanwhile, the media outlet co-founders saw the need for an in-person platform to connect professionals in the cannabis industry, which is why they started the conference.

“At the time, there weren’t any professional, business centric opportunities to do that,” Day said. “The growth of MJBizCon since then has been a reflection of our awareness that the show only succeeds if the people who attend it also succeed.”

Day said the media outlet’s job is provide the connectivity necessary to make that happen.

“It’s because of that focus on the business of cannabis that we continue to be one of the fastest growing trade shows in the world,” he added.  

In April, MJBIZCon informed participants how to get the most out of the three-day event by highlighting four important points: choose the right sessions, arrive early, take notes, and debrief.

“When choosing a session to attend, make sure it serves one of two purposes: is it immediately applicable to your current business needs, and/or does it allow you to personally connect with someone who is presenting?” the media outlet reports.

As for arriving early, “if a session is particularly important to you, get there early since organizers have no control over whether or not a session fills up.” Also if not taking notes with pen and pad, and using a technical device assure you have sufficient battery power since “available power outlets can quickly be claimed.”

Lastly, debrief, assuring the information fresh in your mind is recorded since within days it will not be as accurate.

Day said attending the conference is key for any professional serious about the industry.

“The markets are constantly expanding and each one has its own sets of rules and parameters; however, the ability for people to learn from each other and adapt to their market needs is best done in person,” Day said. “It would take a professional in the cannabis space months, if not longer, to find the connections and expertise they need without MJBizCon.”

Day added professionals can find everything they need in a matter of hours, and like the marijuana market, the conference energy is rising, making next week’s event particularly exciting.  

“Like the industry itself, the momentum of the show has been accelerating with increased participation from the United States and this year we are on target to have well beyond 70+ countries,” Day said.

If you are interested in registering for the Marijuana Business Daily Conference at the Las Vegas Convention Center, simply click here.