Massachusetts Dispensary Manager Talks Crossing Borders

Canna Provisions

By Angela Underwood

Meg Sanders is helping to shape the East Coast marijuana market, specifically for New Yorkers who simply can’t afford to purchase medicinal marijuana in their own state.

Sanders, the co-founder of Massachusetts’s boutique-dispensary Canna Provisions and co-owner of Colorado’s growing MiNDFUL dispensary brand, told The New York Daily Report she serves New Yorkers who have to travel to the Bay State for medicinal and recreational bud.

“What is most important right now for our neighboring states is to understand that every supplier and retailer in the Commonwealth, hands down are committed to providing quality products at as aggressive pricing as we can offer being non-vertically integrated,” Sanders said.

And they do.

For example, a THC-infused vaping cartridge that costs up to $140 in New York, costs less than half in Massachusetts. Sanders said before the recent vape ban, duel-state homeowners like those in the Berkshires would frequent Canna Provisions on a bi-annual visit.

“We were selling vape carts for $60 bucks before the ban, Sanders said.

Sanders said the pricing and product limitation in New York State is troubling.

“I don’t know how you can possibly afford it,” Sanders said, adding vaporizing is not always the most efficient delivery method, leaving less of a selection.  

“In comparison to what is offered in New York as far as the variety of product lines like gummies and chocolates, we have multiple, multiple options for those,” she said. “We are an incredibly good solution for people who are on a budget in New York and who are patients that can’t afford to purchase in the legal market there.”

And product they have, with pre-ordering options for Indica, Hybrid, or Sativa strains. The boutique also offers a selection of energizing and calming strains, pre-rolls, vape pens, concentrates, oils, edibles, with ointments and topical salves lining the shelves of Canna Provisions, with both THC and CBD in many forms.

While the future of marijuana continues to shine in Massachusetts, it remains dim in New York, even with legalization.

“Just because there is legalization doesn’t mean it is going to happen overnight,” she said. “Without a significant investment on different products like smokable flowers and infused products, it is still really going to be a tough market to make a profitable one, and then ultimately, creating enough competition that the supply levels out a bit and that is what drives the price down.”


“Unfortunately the way the medical market rolls out in New York, the limitation of products that each location can sell — limiting it to just five different products — is a non-starter,” she explained. “People are building $30 million facilities, so how do you make it back selling five products? The math just doesn’t work.”

Sanders said she hears often from New Yorkers that the lack of smokable flower and edibles is an issue.

“Those are the types of limitations we here about from our patients in New York.”

So until New York decides to amend their marijuana protocols, Sanders will continue to welcome what she has described as an “enormous receptivity for cannabis in this part of the world.”

“We are super fortunate our local community has embraced us massively, and our county, neighboring states and areas by us like Hudson, Schenectady, Albany, Troy, and towns, which are relatively close to us, have been really welcoming, complimentary, and grateful we are open,” she said.

Being 300 yards off the Massachusetts Turnpike is what many of Sanders’ solicitors are most thankful for.

“We are a no-judgement zone here, so wherever you are in your journey, you’re super nervous and never tried it or heard a topical might help you, or you’re super experienced and just want to check out what we have and how it stacks up, we are truly trained to handle that range,” she said.