Trump Plans to Ban Flavored Vaping Cartridges to Discourage Vaping from America’s Youth

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FILE PHOTO: U.S. President Donald Trump speaks about banning non-tobacco flavored vaping products next to first lady Melania Trump as Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Alex Azar (R) and Acting Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Administrator Norman Sharpless listen in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington, U.S., September 11, 2019. REUTERS/Leah Millis/File Photo

 During a White House brief meeting just moments ago, President Trump announced plans to ban the sale of non-tobacco flavored vaping cartridges and remove all flavored e-cigarettes from the market, noting that the country has a problem with vaping. 

“We have a problem in our country, [vaping is] a new problem” Trump said.

Alex Azar, the Health and Human Services Secretary, told reporters that youth were becoming addicted to the flavors of vaping cartidges and e-cigarettes and were becoming very ill. The FDA, along with Azar, is working on a “guidance document” that bans of all flavored vape cartridges. “Once the FDA would finalize this guidance, we would begin enforcement actions to remove all such products from the market place.” 

When asked if vaping companies were being treated unfairly, Trump noted that the vaping industry became “a very big business, growing very fast very quickly.” But while Trump noted the positives of the new industry, as income for the country, he stressed that “we can’t allow people to get sick and we can’t have our youth be so affected. People are dying with vaping.” Trump said that First Lady Melania Trump has become involved with finding a solution because vaping has become so dangerous to America’s youth. “People think 

The President said that his office is looking at the concerns very closely. The FDA Commissioner and Azar will meet within a couple weeks and return with very strong recommendations regarding vaping and e-cigarettes. 

The nationwide investigation led by the CDC and the FDA has not yet linked the illnesses to any specific e-cigarette product or ingredient, although health officials have focused on the effects of vitamin E acetate, which is used in some vaping cartridges. The FDA has urged consumers to refrain from the use of any e-cigarette or vaping device until there is more conclusive evidence of a cause of the illnesses.

Six deaths have been linked to vaping and public health officials are investigating 450 cases of potential vaping-related lung illnesses across the nation.

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