Vape Tracking Chips— Can you be Tracked by your Vape?

Vape Tracking Chips

by Olive Lundegaard

Former Vape manufacturer proposes installing Vape Tracking Chips in vaping devices and claims they won’t be a privacy issue.

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In an effort to curb teen vaping, former vape manufacture Dave Morris designed a software that can track vaping devices from the point of sale to see how teens access them. Morris believes “kids shouldn’t vape. And we have the technology to keep them from doing so.” Morris’ technology, Trace/Verify, will potentially be on the market by March 2020.

How do Vape Tracking Chips Work?

Each vaping device would be embedded with a unique radio frequency identification (RFID) that is scanned when the device is purchased. The purchaser’s ID would also be scanned to confirm the buyer is of legal age. Next, the device’s RFID would be saved in a “secure cloud database” along with the purchaser’s ID number. That way, whenever an underage user is caught with a vaping device, law enforcement can scan the device and see who originally purchased the device. 

What is the Point?

With the growing number of teen vaping-related illnesses, Morris believes that Vape Tracking Chips can help slow the teen vaping epidemic. According to Trace/Verify’s proposed tracking system, law enforcement will fine purchasers they have identified as having provided nicotine to a minor through passing the vape device along. Under the program, state and local governments will use the fine revenue to fund and build programs that educate youth on the dangers of vaping.